EasyCast Series 400


EasyCast Series 400 is the newest Photopolymer Wax resin developed by ResinWorks3D. This unique formulation is an opaque peach resin, composed of 40% wax, and is tested to work with ease on DLP and Monochrome LCD 3D printers. With this higher wax content, users can confidently print and cast large organic statement pieces, such as signets and school rings, with a wide range of design elements, including engravings and raised details. They can cast larger items with nearly the same ease as traditional wax models, even trees weighing up to 60 grams. The printed model can be cast in all precious metals, using all commercially available investments. The Series 400 has been designed to reduce the internal stress on the investment as the model melts out during the burnout cycle, ensuring success when using gypsum and phosphate bonded investments, and minimizing breakaways.

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40% wax content

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 20 cm

500g, 1kg