Superior Detail & Reliable Results

Best line of castable resins in the market trusted by users and casting houses worldwide. 

EasyCast HD Amber (SLA)

Formulated for SLA Printers such as Formlabs, the EasyCast HD Amber is a high performance polymer that allows printing with high level of detail and consistent casting results. 

EasyCast HD (dlp)

CCW EasyCast HD is castable resin that provides high level of detail with consistently smooth and fine castings. The resin is designed for precious metal applications. Its unique and special formulation allows for a clean burn-out and no ash content.

EasyCast v2.0 UHD (DLP)

The CCW EasyCast v2.0 UHD (DLP) is an update to the EasyCast HD Brown. The update provides higher details with the same if not better casting results. 

EasyCast HD 02 (DLP)

High-End Castable Resin for DLP Based printers. This resin provides very high level of  details and consistently smooth and fine quality castings. Tested in Platinum, Palladium, Gold and SilverWorks Faster on Oxygen based membrane printers (B9 Core, Carbon).

EasyCAst HD Violet (LCD)

CCW EasyCast HD Violet has exceptional printing quality and consistent casting results. The resin is is formulated for LCD resins while retaining the quality of our castable resins. 

Dental Model and Cast

Reliable Resins for Dental Applications.

Master Mold for PDMS Resin

Proprietary Resin designed for Microfluidic Applications.

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