Opportunity for Distribution Partnerships

How Do you Benefit as a Distributor?

  • We are jewellers who have developed and manufacture castable resins specifically for jewellery industry applications

  • Attractive margins

  • Gain the knowledge to capture the jewellery market

  • We offer marketing support 

  • Achieve regional dominance

  •  Volume discounts are available

At Resinworks3D we Manufacture the Leading Castable Resins for Jewellery Applications. 

Over the past two years our original CCW Castable HD burgundy has gained a global following through several distributors and re-branding programs. Henceforth, we will offer our original burgundy resin as CCW EasyCast HD. Like the original burgundy resin, this resin will achieve two essential qualities jewellers require in a castable resin; excellence in printed resolution and superior casting results.

Our Resin

CCW EasyCast

Since its introduction in 2014, CCW EasyCast Brown Resin has set a standard of excellence amongst castable resins. It has grown from small batch production to global distribution through various private labels. A wide range of users, from custom jewellers to large scale manufacturers have come to rely on its exceptional printing quality and consistent casting results.

We are looking for strategic distribution partners to distribute our castable resin.

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